Hand Mounted & Framed Vatican Aphrodite/Venus

Hand Mounted & Framed Vatican Aphrodite/Venus


ART DETAIL: The Vatican Museum's ancient Greco Roman Aphrodite / Venus

8X10 Hand mounted, FRAMED PRINT

Only $115! You can’t get this price at homegoods for a generic shot.

This is a very high quality, Hi Res, crystal clear, sharp, beautiful art detail perfect for home or office decor. Shot on location in Rome (Vatican City). Many commercial prints are fuzzy, low quality. But these colors are lovely. The print is elegant. Lightweight, sturdy, modern, museum quality frame, archival paper, protective UV glass.

Frames are 100% sustainably-produced wood, painted black.
Available in portrait or landscape.
Alligator hook installed for hanging.

Very user friendly.

As an artist I keep my prices WAY BELOW most commercial sellers becasue I want to share my art with everyone. Selling some of my photographs helps me continue to chase beauty to share it with you. I offer less expensive prints and very inexpensive digital downloads, but if you are looking for a gorgeous art photo hand printed, mounted, and framed for you instead of doing that yourself... I recommend my framed prints. :) Thanks for your support! Rebecca

All my prints are "green"

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