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autumnal flower-crown satin headband with tulle

autumnal flower-crown satin headband with tulle


Flower crowns keep getting prettier. They are trendy right now, but floral crowns and flowers in our hair is a classic look which has always gone beyond trends. I have always been in love with the magical, dreamy, feminine look of flower crowns for events or just for a touch of romance in your life.

This autumnal Flower Crown is a HEADBAND is an elegant and easy slip on and slip off, comfortable headband piece with removable soft pink ballet tulle. The tones are autumnal dark pink and soft gray roses, with delicate individual green and maroon hydrangeas buds and flowers, nestled by cream heirloom garden roses on a white satin headband which stays put on your head and won’t tousle your hair. I make the traditional twig round flower crowns as well, in lush giant blooms as well as in petite, daintier arrangements. The headbands are great if you are worried about messing your hair up or concerned about a crown shifting on your head. It is a satin no tangle headband base, with tiny teeth to hold steadfast to your hair. It is a comfortable standard fit. Excellent for tweens and teens, too. I design some for young ballerinas who need to keep their flower crowns neatly in place when they dance. They work effortlessly with updos and loose hair. It really is up to personal preference. I love wearing headband AND twig round flower crowns, depending on my mood and the look I am going for.

Great for flower girls, bridesmaids, hen parties and bachelorette parties, and baby and engagement showers. Also super cute for outdoor music festivals and Renaissance Faires. Looks amazing for selfies and for photo shoots. INSTAGRAM READY!

Only $45 including shipping in the US, Can, and Mexico. Choose Flower Crown Shipping US/Can/Mex

Outside US/Can/Mex? $50 worldwide including shipping. Choose Flower Crown Shipping Worldwide.

Sending each unique hand made FLORAL CROWN with art and Italy photos, and carefully hand wrapped in vintage wrapping and decorations.

USE AND CARE: All my FLOWER CROWNS ARE HANDMADE by MYSELF and 80% of the SILK FLOWERS I use are made to order by hand by flower artists / and are not factory made and 20% are made here in the US / They’re 75% recycled cloth and safe eco dyes and look like real flowers when you wear them until you get really really close ....

To keep faux flowers DUST FREE: I highly recommend a canister of the “dust destroyer” cold air that is used on computer keyboards. A quick blow of air once every few months will keep the flowers dust free for years and years, and the can will last you a very long time.

If a flower crown get’s dirty from an accident or bad weather: Spot treat with household white vinegar and water, air dry or dry in the sun. All flowers are treated with a non-toxic UV and anti mold spray for longer lasting beauty.

The crowns could get damaged in hard rain, so I suggest putting them in a plastic bag or going inside if it begins pouring rain. Some sprinkles will not damage it. It should hold up against fairly strong wind and will not fade in strong sun. It is advised to store it out of direct sunlight for long term as with anything - regardless of the UV protection - anything can fade eventually sitting in direct sunlight for many months or years.

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