I'm a freelance travel, lifestyle, architectural, landscape, and portrait photographer, a designer, and a travel guide in Massachusetts, and in Rome, Italy.


I am based in New England but work in Italy a few times a year. I love traveling for work and for pleasure. I shoot digital SLRs and full frame cameras, and my great love is my first love: analog photography. I shoot fine art films for Italian projects and for select clients. There is something in the color, tone, character, and mood of film, especially in beauties like portra, velvia, provia, CineStill, ilford and other fine art films which capture the enchantment of the most beautiful country in the world: Italy. Film tells another layer of the stories behind a face or a cityscape in between the shadow and the light of an image.

My literary travel site (and book photo project on Rome) is at alovelettertorome.com

Grazie! Rebecca


My new book Chasing Beauty in Italy is available to pre-order HERE








Rebecca - Starr Price Butler

Massachusetts, USA

/  Italy



twitter: romepix

instagram: filmandlight

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A Love Letter To Rome; my book project on Italy, Italian art, architecture, design, & culture... with fine art photographs.

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I was recently widowed and miss my husband, Rian, dearly.

I dedicate my work and my books to our beautiful times in Italy together...

to him... for him ... always.